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LDH Group

Macro Investments


Stay Invested In Strong Companies

Stocks tend to rise in the long term, as shown by S&P 500's simple average annual total return of 12% over 94 years (1928 ~ 2021).

We believe it is best to stay invested in strong markets and strong companies with great fundamentals and growth prospects in the long term.

Take Advantage of Macro Opportunities

In addition to staying invested in the market over the long term, we believe there are numerous profit opportunities in the short-term macro environment.

By utilizing short-term long-short macro trading strategies, we strive to achieve alpha beyond long-term base portfolio returns.

Adjust Portfolio Positioning Based On Market Cycle Assessment

Although the stock market tends to rise in the long term, protecting portfolio from occasional market collapses is paramount to long-term investment success.

With our strong understanding and sense of the market cycle, we continuously assess where in the current cycle we may be to adjust portfolio positioning accordingly.

Our goal is to protect our portfolio from occasional market collapses by reducing market exposure in times of extreme market euphoria and to aggressively load up great assets at bargains in times of extreme market panic.

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